Pizza-style Z-scale Zoo Layout in a Cutlery Case

Merinda wanted a zoo layout. (Perhaps this is a case of keeping up with Dad--Ed.) Long ago, she made a "horse layout" in a lovely old case that once held chef's knives. Since she no longer played with that, it was decided that was a good place to put the layout.

This is the finished layout, pictured with Merinda just after her 10th birthday. Below is a large picture of the layout, in Firefox you need to use control-scrollwheel or right-click and view image if you want to be able to zoom so it is full size.

A Z-scale loop is the only layout that will fit using standard radius parts, so in order to be able to handle all rolling stock, and to keep it simple that is what I laid down for her. Here you can see the track, and various different-coloured fields that Merinda was busy laying out.

Work proceeded sporadically between April 2007 and December 2008, using PVC glue for the ballast and grasses and a hot glue gun for most else.

The animals are all stuck down using a hot glue gun. This can look ugly, especially if you do not clean up all the strands of glue with tweezers once they are set. It shows around the legs of the cat on the office roof, as you see below, but you have to have good eyesight to notice.

Of note are the polar bears and tigers who live next door to each other. It's a good thing they are very civilised animals. Also to note is the bear going for a swim, being watched by a pony next door. This makes good use of the half bear whose other half is wading in my Zoo Table layout!

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