Z-scale Suitcase Layout

Back in May 2004 I was working on this project. Why could I not afford Z-scale trains before my eyesight degenerated so far that I need glasses to see small things close up?

The suitcase has an inside dimension of 14" by 30" by 5". It took some effort to design a layout of any complexity that can fit in such a small space.

The layout was done using WinRail V6. In the diagram below, the background grid is 1" spaced. The red rectangle is the Marklin power supply that is embedded within the layout itself.

Topologically, the layout is a loop with a delta that leads to a single line at the end of which is a reversing loop enclosing a single siding. The reversing loop is elevated. The track in light geen runs over a viaduct. Track shown as outline is inside tunnel. There is one LH straight and 4 curved points (switches), all optionally powered from a console (shown in dark blue) concealed behind a fall of greenery behind a station.

The view from above:

Here Edwin shows off the layout just before its installation in the case. You may be able to make out the "fall of ivy" behind Vuitton Station on the front. This flap conceals the solenoid control panel. You may also be able to see Wolfgang the stationmaster and Danny who is inevitably waiting for a train, both on the Vuitton platform.

Danny is the one at the left.

As usual the whole is easily carried!

There are three stations. On top is Jansport...

...in one corner there is Monsac, and...

...at the front there is Vuitton.

According to Merinda, this is Mathias you see upon his front step, a resident whose house overlooks the pond.
The pond was made by melting a blue Chevy's (Crayola) crayon and pouring it into an indent in the baseboard.

Here is the view across the viaduct to the lower entrance of the tunnel leading to the mountaintop station Jansport.

Here is the Vuitton tunnel. Note the power connector amongst the pine trees.

Here is Monsac station, viewed across the viaduct.

Here is the Forest Corner tunnel, en route to Monsac.

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